2022 Country Instructors – will update for 2024 soon!

Jennifer Babione
Thomas Babione
Mona Brandt
Jeremy Bryan
Kelly Bryan
Brigette Campos
Robert Campos
Kristin Geil
Chad GraberMonty Ham
Maryann Harvey
Craig Johnson
Penny LaLonde
Joan Lundahl
Harmony Munroe
Toby Munroe
Tim Perez
Jason Thornton
Greg Thrash
Laura Thrash
Courtney Toben

2024 Swing Instructors – will update for 2024 soon

Jennifer Babione
Thomas Babione
Aris DeMarco
Ed Halladay
Mindy Halladay
Olya Khvan
Michael Kielbasa
Myles Munroe
Ginger Pickerel
Aleksandr Rozhkov
Markus Smith
Terra Summers
Deborah Székely
Tren Veal
Manny Viarrial
Fae Xenovia

2024 STAFF – will update for 2024 soon

Country Master of Ceremonies – Jo Thompson and Chad Graber
Swing Master of Ceremonies – Michael Kielbasa, Adam Hager, Farrell Woods, and Max
Contest Coordinators – Toby Munroe and Dave Getty
Registration Coordinators – Country Dance Director
Registration – Janine Nelson, Jennifer Babione, Kennedy Bryan, and Paxton Bryan
Ballroom Coordinator – Steven Bennett
Scoring – Lary Yorke and Ed von Adelung
Scoring Assistant – Noelle Linch
Hair and Makeup – Madalina Varlam Lettig – Hair: 60$; Makeup: 50$ (hairspray, pins, eyelashes provided; no extra sparkles stocked; you can bring your own products, eyelashes, or lipstick if you want; text at 949-338-9556; email at madalina.varlam@gmail.com)
Photography – Nicole Wardell
Variety Show Coordinator – Lindsay Woods
Country DJs – Mona Broussard and Emily Myers
Swing DJs – CJ Carway, Farrell Woods, Marsha Carnahan, Deborah Székely, and LaWanna Larson
Store Coordinators – Tom Burns
Hospitality Suite – Debbie Cook and Thomas Babione
Floor Moms – Charlene York, Angie Bryan, and Jenna Korver
Volunteer Coordinators – Tasha Hoffner and Delene Hoffner
Transportation Coordinator – David Bal
Program Design – Kelly Bryan
A Little of Everything – Kennedy Bryan and Paxton Bryan


Kay Bryan

Rhonda Shotts

Jeremy Bryan

Kelly Bryan


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