Register for the Event and Country and Swing Competitions

There are three ways to register for the event: use the online system, download a PDF and mail it to Colorado Country Classic, 8651 Foothill Blvd Spc 139 Rancho Cucamonga, Ca 91730 or download a PDF and email it to Using the online system is the preferred method and ensures a more accurate registration experience.


For ONLINE registration, click here (this is not set up yet). You can register and pay your fees with a credit card all in one convenient place.

For PAPER registration (mail or email) download this registration form:

NOTE: Mac users using Safari may have problems downloading the registration form. Please use an alternate internet browser to download the form or email Kay Bryan at for a copy.

2022 – List of Currently Registered Competitors

You can view a list of currently registered competitors (this is not set up yet) for the 2024 Colorado Country Classic and Colorado Swing Classic here.

Ballroom Competition

We are still determining if there will be a ballroom competition this year. Please contact Toby Munroe with any questions or concerns.

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